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   SIGRC - Club Events 

2019 Schedule of Events

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month.
See locations and times below!

For further details or information email:
 Secretary, Evelyn Walker at
or President, Dave Straeffer at
or call 812-449-8677.

5/01 5:30 pm Farmer and Frenchman, Henderson, KY
Dinner on the patio

6/05 6 pm Franklin St., Evansville, IN:  Dog Walk, dinner 6:30 pm Smittys

7/03 7 pm Roca Bar, 1618 S Kentucky, Evansville, IN:  meeting

8/07 7 pm Roca Bar, Evansville, IN:  meeting

9/08 3 pm Terrell's, St. Wendel, IN: Bring dogs and potluck dinner

10/06 1 pm Dick and & Nancy's, Evansville, IN:  Dog cookie baking, bring people snacks

10/26 11 am 4-H Center, Evansville, IN:  Another Chance for Animals dog walk

11/03 12 pm (Sat.)

Trish and John's, Evansville, IN:  Dog Walk and fire pit

11/11 6 pm Dileggi's, Evansville, IN:  Christmas Party

12/29 5 pm Garvin Park, Evansville, IN:  Dog Walk thru Fantasy of Lights  Admission



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