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Rescue Information

FLASH Rescue
Finding Loving And Secure Homes

FLASH is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization located in Southern Indiana. Our focus is on one breed, the Golden Retriever, which allows us to maximize our resources. Based in Evansville, IN, our volunteers, juggle careers, children, spouses, and other commitments to make time to help care for the breed we love.

FLASH Rescue finds loving, safe and secure homes for Goldens who need help... help they don't have the ability to ask for themselves.

FLASH Rescue has no boarding facilities. We instead utilize a wonderful circle of foster families who nurture our Golden's until the right forever families can be found. These foster families give us the time needed to make a successful placement. Without their dedication, we would be forced to turn dogs in dire need away. Many of these dogs' lives have been turned upside down.

Our adoption policies are for the safety and well-being of the Golden's. It is our highest priority to match them to people who are able to love and care for them for the rest of their lives.
If you would like to help us at FLASH there are several ways to do so.

Join us as a member.
Become a foster home.
Make a tax deductible donation.
Or all three!

If you can make a tax-free donations, make your check payable to Flash Rescue and mail to this address:

8644 Flintlock Drive
Newburg, IN 47630

Thinking of Adoption? We can pre-screen you. When a golden is available you will be ready. email:

Barb Georgette at

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